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SOD Varna was established on 27.05.1997 and since the very beginning the company has been managed by a team with vast professional experience and proven authority in the security systems sector. ‘To support our client’s feeling that nothing bad will happen to him’ is our underlying mission and goal.

In the history and experience of our 20 years’ activity we have always put first our clients and guards’ safety on day-to-day basis. We provide a balance of the value of the necessary service for each new client. We do not compromise on the equipment quality. We do not offer a general security standard… We offer individual approach to a possible situation and the best solution for it in response to each particular inquiry.

Over the past 10 years we have developed an effective system of internal analysis of and control on each alarm event. This allows us to be on the level of responsibility for our clients’ safety at all times. We have increased the number of patrol teams covering the city and as of today’s date we have 54 vehicles in our car fleet.


SOD Varna is one of the first private security companies in the country. The internal client-oriented system and the model of interaction between the individual teams make us a leading security company. For 20 years we have been establishing a high professional security standard as a system of internal rules, analysis of the intermediate actions and training programs worked out by the company’s managerial teams.

SOD Varna offers high quality of all services for the clients with a possibility for reacting to a security signal within 3 minutes.

SOD Varna works in partnership with suppliers of almost 100 trade marks of alarm systems, while at the same time we have set up a department specializing in the development of own technical products.

We offer highly professional solutions for security systems completely compliant with all regulations of the country’s legislation and technical requirements on fault-free operation.

СОД Варна, връзки с клиенти

Marketing Department

We offer highly professional solutions for security systems completely compliant with all regulations of the country’s legislation and technical requirements on fault-free operation.

СОД-Варна технически екип


16 technicians with degree in engineering comprise the team that sets up the security system and monitors its integrity with a possibility for maintenance at all times. Our technicians will examine the task prepared by the coworkers of Marketing Department in order to offer the most effective technical solution.

Мобилен екип на СОД- Варна


In view of the specifics of the security service requiring synchronized team work, each security team is supported by the Alert Operations Center of SOD Varna. The security specialists follow the internal work manual in the conditions of security surveys of our sites. Each of the security guards of the company is required to attend a starting 40 hours training and then pass a training year in the system of SOD Varna. The training covers all the necessary knowledge of the legal system, combat and physical training and psychological tests. Each patrol vehicle is equipped with a tablet for visualization of the guarded sites position aimed at locating the sites in as short as possible time when an alarm signal is received.

дежурен оперативен център на СОД- Варна


Team of 10 employees. We call them ‘the invisible’ team of SOD Varna. Every security action is coordinated with them. They react to each alarm activation signal within two to five seconds: they receive the alarm activation signal, locate the place on a computer map and send a team. Each site is analyzed through security inspection and if necessary, the signal is forwarded in a second to the patrolling team via the internal communication system developed by us.
The employees of the alert monitoring center are in permanent contact with the security teams and clients. The signals for immediate elimination of the technical failures in the control and security systems of all sites included in the network of SOD Varna are taken round the clock on telephones 052/659-386, 052/684-700, 0888 000-600, ext.00, 0888/456-749.

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