СОД- Варна инкасо

Transport, guarding and accompanying of money, cash deliveries and specific cargo by special-purpose armored vehicles and specially trained personnel within the entire country’s territory. The technical support is provided by armored vehicles Ford Transit and Jeep Cherokee.

The interaction within the cash collection team is on very high level. All employees of this unit have over 12 years’ length of service with the company and work in conditions of strict confidentiality. The main task in ensuring safe transportation of cash deliveries and cargo is to provide safety of consignments handing over, acceptance and carriage. We assign this activity to well trained, physically prepared and mentally firm employees of proven morality.

A briefing and testing of the employees of the cash collection unit are conducted prior to any action.

We provide uninterrupted mobile radio communication between the special-purpose vehicle and the duty officer at the 24-hour dispatch center while en route and during the acceptance, handing over and transportation of money, cash deliveries and specific cargo.

SOD Varna organizes interaction with the relevant police structures in the cases of illegal actions against the vehicle in view of the cash deliveries security.

For each contract we underwrite a Goods-in-transit insurance policy from cash desk to cash desk in amount of not less than BGN 250 000.