охранителна фирма Варна

The Manned Guarding Unit is the majority group at SOD Varna. Our guards provide security and protection to a number of sites and institutions on the country’s territory and see to the security of various events. In view of the proper security of each event under our manned guarding we strictly follow its agenda and make preliminary risk assessment in terms of the logistics, scene characteristics and specific audience.

The manned guarding team of SOD Varna is professionally trained, physically prepared and mentally firm. All of our employees are appointed under employment contracts only. We strictly abide by the requirements of the labor, social insurance and tax legislation. Our consistent attitude to our own employees is directly related to expectations of high responsibility that is required for any security service.

The security personnel:

  • Fulfills the professional requirements of the client and of the internal rules relevant to the guarded site.
  • Does not divulge any information or circumstances comprising trade secret of the client.
  • Where necessary, works in direct communication with the police authorities on the territory of the guarded site.

We at SOD Varna perform an analysis of the site and the possible encroachments thereon and offer our clients additional reinforcement of the site, if necessary.

For the analysis of the manned guarding activity we permanently collect information and study all data on potential criminal encroachments on the guarded site and on the persons giving grounds for suspicion by their behavior.